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Chan Brothers Group of companies, since its advent in 1965, has developed into a multi-awards winning Singapore travel icon. Our flagship, Chan Brothers Travel is well regarded as an industry leader offering comprehensive product ranges such as popular packaged tours to major worldwide destinations.


A member of the Group, CHAN BROTHERS EXPRESS was created in 2003 to distinguish itself and focus on securing and delivering flexible, customized, even exclusive travel requirements for individuals as well as small families & friends or interest groups. These “Express Travelers” are typically savvy, sophisticated, expressive yet inclined to demanding vigorous, wholesome travel experiences and value, rather than rummaging singularly for the lowest price pursuit.


CBE has through the years grown to be is a leader in its own right in retailing

  • Beach resorts breaks;
  • Ski packages; &
  • Private, customized, or self-induced itineraries.

Sun, Sea, Sand, Snow & Ski offerings with premium and luxury standards are therefore in abundance within our website. Of course, these are additional to CBE’s natural links accessing Chan Brothers Group inventories to complement services for its clients.